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Take it from "Play of the Week" from the match between Portland Timbers and DC United.

The incident PRO's Training & Development Manager Paul Rejer looks at occurred in the 57th minute, when referee Ricardo Salazar awarded DC a PK.

Rejer said: “It looked to Salazar that Futty Danso had deliberately handled the ball in the penalty area when in fact the ball had deflected off his face.

“From Salazar’s side-on position, and with Danso’s right arm raised, it appeared to the referee that the ball hits the player’s hand instead of his face.

“It is easy to understand this as the hand was in an unnatural position and he was running the risk of the hand contacting the ball which would then be deemed as deliberate handball

"AR's taking responsibility"

“Danso approaches AR Ian Anderson and if you study body language there is an approach of a sense of genuine injustice to his whole demeanor. Rather than the frivolous appeals we often see from players in a vain attempt to influence the officials. 

“Ian, who had a superior front view of the incident reassured the player that he had seen it and will inform the referee accordingly, and then duly imparted the information to the referee so justice was served.


“As I regularly refer to teamwork and ARs taking responsibility, this is a fine example, displaying all the ingredients of top level Assistant Refereeing and the five ‘C’ words;


Clear view – Ian Anderson had a clear view of the incident


Concentration – He was totally focussed on the participants in the penalty area and not distracted


Co-operation – He imparted vital information to the referee and saved him from making an incorrect call and the game itself from injustice


Confidence – He had the confidence to convince the referee to overturn his call. The referee had total trust in him


Courage – He had the courage of his convictions to take the responsibility for his colleagues and the good of the game


“When summarizing this POTW, no one, not even the most ardent DC fan, can have any complaints as the correct call was made and that is the most important consideration here.


“Ian can feel pleased with his vital contribution and Ricardo will feel grateful to his colleague. 

"It is worth mentioning that teamwork of this order is manifested by the referee making his AR feel empowered in affording him the confidence that he will totally trust him, and the AR possessing the qualities and ingredients of the Cs: Clear view, Concentration, Co-operation, Confidence, Courage."


Source: PRO

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