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Is there such thing as a perfect referee? Doing so will be a matter of talent, a rigorous workout or treat kindly those players?

Written by: Jose Borda

The Perfect Referee

Keys Information

Many experts believe that we must develop three fundamental aspects when forming referees so they can reach excellence.  The first aspect is training, which must take into account the physical, technical, and positioning aspects.  The second aspect is nutrition, based on quantity, quality, and suitability for each referee.  And third, the invisible preparation which comprises living conditions or healthy habits practiced by the official, such as no smoking, no drinking, and proper sleep.  Without these three factors a natural talent could turn only into an unfinished promise.

Humans not robots

So, can the perfect referee exist?  The answer is simple, is very difficult that one exists, as the judges are human and not robots and they will always have a deficit of some sort.  However, every possible effort is made so the referees can become elite officials, the best.  But for them to become perfect is very unlikely.  Let us think about Pierluigui Collina, who having being one of the best in the world, more than once left the field defeated.  The day that the perfect referee exists, will be when there will be no errors on the field of play, that is, never.     

The mind helps

What a referee thinks of himself is also very important as the psychological part is fundamental.  If a referee does not have the conviction that he will succeed in soccer, he will be lost.  Many of the referees, who have overcome different calamities and have reached the elite level in refereeing, are proof of this concept.  As a matter of fact, the majority not only thinks about refereeing, but also about their invisible preparation which is the best for their training, because this is what keeps them out of scandals of any type.   

Strive to be…

The referee that comes closest to perfection is the one that is firm, fair and with talent.  He does not flinch because of emotional outbursts or the barking from the fans.  Is the one who brings together genetics, talent, nutrition, training, integrity, and of course a successful mentality.  The search for the perfect referee perhaps ends up being the exact and balanced sum of things for which every judge must fight.

FIFA Referee Ricardo Salazar (left) helps Kansas City's Paulo Nagamura (BRA) (right) to his feet after Nagamura had a cut on his face bandaged by team trainer Chet North (behind)., Seattle Sounders at Sporting KC, 2012

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