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The Power of the "look"

Acknowledging the mistake and apologizing is more positive than you think. This action will help correct a mistake and it will help the referee to move  forward without resentment. Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes.
A sincere apology makes it possible to maintain good relationships on the field. It is known that for referees it is not an easy task to apologize, because most assume that if they do, they will lose their authority.
However, experience shows that it is much more beneficial and productive to take responsibility for mistakes and admit them to the players.

Inquisitive look
It is usual that during the referee learning process there is too much emphasis on the need to observe what is wrong, or the bad behavior of the players, so the referee think is important to capture everything; however, the referee learn how to transmit the players through the eyes with a particular way of look all those anomalous details, irregularities, or deviations of the rules. The referee does this in order to persuade, calm, deflect, threaten or ask the players, so as to avoid some cards.

Eyes that speak

When looking upward and to the left, our brain is recalling images. So when the referee is been ask, what’s the call? It is certain that his eyes be above left. When looking forward, we are listening. In the refereeing if a player stares at the referee means that he is interested, that he’s already impressed, and this can have the effect both ways. However, if the eyes of some of the two evade it means that he not convinced him enough to believe him.

Perfect tool
If you notice that during a game there is a player looking down or to the left, it is very likely that he is taking himself, an internal dialogue, and is thinking or considering something, this also notice by the players. This is why with the eye contact we can have the ability to notice feelings at a certain time. The referees have a perfect weapon of non-verbal communication not only to understand players, but colleagues and all those who surround them. Use it well they say the eyes are the window of the soul....!!

Source: Jose Borda , Revista Arbitros

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