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Respect Campaign

Uniting against the ugly side of soccer

Become part of Respect 


US Referee Connection is inviting every league in the country to sign-up to the principles of Respect and to introduce some practical steps at club level to ensure soccer is played in a safe, positive environment.

The program is free to join and there are resources available to support clubs to introduce Respect.

The Respect Program includes four practical steps to improve behavior - on the pitch and on the sidelines - in and at matches throughout the country:

Step 1: Respect Codes of Conduct

There is a Code of Conduct for each of the five main types of soccer participant:

Young Players, Adult Players, Spectators and Parents/Guardians, Coaches, Team Managers and Club Officials, and Match Officials. Each Code explains actions can be taken if the Code is broken.

Step 2: Designated Spectator Areas

US Referee Connection recommends you introduce marked areas along the touchlines, within which spectators must stay.

The idea behind this is to encourage parents and spectators to take a step back from the pitch and support the teams in a more responsible manner.

Step 3: Captain taking responsibility

There will be a drive to enhance captaincy skills, encouraging captains to take full responsibility for their players' actions and behavior.

Step 4: Referee managing the game

There will be a similar drive to enhance referees' match management skills - to create an environment where potential problems are addressed before they escalate.

This is supported by an education program, with Respect modules being added into all soccer learning courses.

USRC recommends that whole leagues or divisions sign-up to Respect rather than just individual clubs. This will mean when your team plays a league game, the opposition has also signed up to Respect.

If you are a league and want to sign up to Respect, contact US Referee Connection to find out more.

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